Importing and exporting simulation vectors

CertSAFE simulation files are stored on disk as a list of variables and IntelliPoints. CertSAFE does not store all of the simulated data from the model. Instead, you have to export a file containing these simulation vectors. A simulation vectors file simply lists each variable and the value that variable takes at each point in time.

If you choose File → Export → Export Simulation Vectors, CertSAFE can export simulated variable values to a CSV (comma-separated values) file. These files can be easily read by other programs such as Microsoft Excel, custom scripts, or even an ordinary text editor. Each column in an exported CSV file consists of a header listing the name of a variable, followed by all of the values for that variable. CertSAFE lists the controlled variables first, followed by a blank column, and then the non-controlled variables.

CertSAFE can also import simulation vectors from CSV files through File → Import → Import Simulation Vectors. When you import a CSV file, CertSAFE will generate a new unsaved simulation with all the variables from the CSV file automatically added. Each variable will have an IntelliPoint with a special “literal data” interpolation modifier that includes all the values from the input file. Using this feature, you can see CertSAFE’s simulated values for other variables that were not in the original input file.