Introduction: How to use these examplesΒΆ

CertSAFE provides a limited set of built-in components, called primitives, that are available in every project and whose behavior is hardcoded into the simulation engine. In order to write more complex models, the user is expected to create custom components that encapsulate common logic. Other users reading an existing model can look inside the definition of a custom component to see how it is implemented if they are not sure how the component will behave in a certain case. User-defined components can be organized into libraries and shared between projects.

One of the reasons CertSAFE does not have more built-in primitives is the enormous variety of behavior required by, and standards enforced on, different projects. This project instead provides example components that can be copied and modified to fit the needs of each particular situation. There is nothing special about the conventions of how this library is organized, the choice of components included, or the functionality of the components—feel free to modify any of these if the examples do not fit your needs.

This documentation section covers the components included in the example library. Each page describes the behaviors and implementations of the components in a section of the library. As you are reading the documentation for a component, you are encouraged to open the diagram implementing the component in CertSAFE and study how the behavior is formed out of simpler logic elements. Certain example components include more than one implementation, showing different ways of writing the same logic. Following along with existing components will make it easier to figure out how to model new components that are not covered by the examples.