Install Information

Installation guide

First, download the CertSAFE installer. Currently, the most recent version of the software can be downloaded here. Once downloaded, make sure to run the installer as administrator. Then, follow the on-screen prompts and accept the license agreement. Once finished, CertSAFE will be installed.


CertSAFE requires a license key to properly function. It is important that the first time you run CertSAFE, you run as it as administrator. This is because CertSAFE requires administrator privileges to update the license file.

The first time you launch CertSAFE it will prompt for a license key. If you do not have a license key, you can click the start 30 day trial link to get a trial license. Once a valid key has been entered, you will be able to use the software.

Floating licenses require you to always be connected to the internet when using CertSAFE. Node-locked licenses do not require an internet connection after the first time the software is started, but will not receive license modifications (such as maintenance period extensions) unless an internet connection is present. When an internet connection is required, CertSAFE needs to be able to contact You may need to add firewall rules allowing this connection.

If you do not want the computers on which CertSAFE is installed to be connected directly to the public internet, you can set up a proxy server that users will connect to instead. Contact CERTON ( for information about how to set up license proxying.

Important file locations

On Windows systems, CertSAFE uses environment variables to determine where to store its license, preferences, and log information. The license activation file (cached license data for node-locked licenses), preferences file, and log file are stored in the location %LocalAppData%\CertSAFE. By default, this is located at C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Local\CertSAFE, where <USER NAME> is the name of the user account. The license key and license proxy files are stored in %ProgramData%\CertSAFE. By default, this is located at C:\ProgramData\CertSAFE. This means that the license key and proxy information can only be modified by a user with admin privileges and is global to all users on a computer.


Support for CertSAFE is available by emailing For sales inquiries, email